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Below we cover some common questions about Peekyboo's products and services.

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Yes! As soon as your order has been dispatched you will receive a tracking link so you can keep an eye on your order status. Orders are typically dispatched within 24 hours, but this may vary on weekends.

If you do not receive a tracking link within 48 hours of placing your order please reach out to our customer support team for troubleshooting.
We aim to fulfil all orders within 24 hours and shipping times will vary depending on your location.

All orders are dispatched from NSW. Please use the following shipping estimates as a guide for how long your order will take to arrive to you:

Standard shipping:

Same state: 2-4 business days

Interstate: 3-6 business days

Express shipping:

Same state: 1-2 business days

Interstate: 2-3 business days.

Please Note: Orders placed on the weekend or a public holiday will typically be shipped the next business day. Orders to rural areas of Australia may take up to 10 business days depending on your location.
If you would like to cancel or make changes to your order please email our customer support team with your order details as soon as possible. We may be able to amend your order if it has not already been dispatched.

If your order has already been dispatched for delivery we are unable to make any amendments.
Please refer to our refund policy here.
Please refer to our refund policy here.
Currently, we are only shipping within Australia.

General Product Questions

The short answer is: very safe!

The longer answer is that Peekyboo does not connect to the internet. The baby monitor and baby camera use a closed-loop system for communication. This means they create a private connection that cannot be detected or accessed by other devices.

To further protect this closed-loop communication Peekyboo uses WPA2 encryption technology. WPA2 uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 256-bit key to encrypt data. This means the data is scrambled in such a way that it is indecipherable to hackers, adding an extra layer of security.

WPA2 with AES is one of the most secure encryption methods available today, ensuring that your Peekyboo devices are extremely safe.

No, Peekyboo is a local video baby monitor, meaning that it does not connect to your home WiFi network to operate and does not use a phone app.

Peekyboo's hybrid system gives you all the safety of a non-WiFi monitor but with the added capability to record and store video footage, even if the baby monitor is switched off. So if you missed something in real time, you can still review the day with ease with our smart video recording features.

Micro SD cards must be purchased separately. Peekyboo baby camera supports a Micro SD card up to 128GB for maximum storage. This will give you approximately 224 hours or more than 9 days of video recordings.

The baby camera has a micro USB connection and port, to be used with the smaller AC adapter marked 5V⎓1.0A. The baby monitor has a USB Type-C connection and port, and uses the bigger AC adapter marked 5V⎓2.0A.

For safety please always use the provided AC adapters with your Peekyboo devices.

Peekyboo has a long range of up to 400 meters (1300 feet) in open sky without obstruction. In a home environment, this will vary depending on factors such as the layout of your home, including the number of walls and their thickness.

The Peekyboo baby camera is fitted with 6 invisible infrared lights, giving you high contrast, clear imagery on the monitor at night time. In ‘More settings’ when you set the night vision mode to ‘auto’ the camera will automatically switch to night vision mode when light conditions transition to darkness.

Absolutely! Peekyboo gives you a complete local video system for monitoring elderly family members in real-time. Features like two-way audio communication and smart sound alerts mean you can keep an eye on loved ones of any age while you get on with your day. For a camera look more suited to adults simply remove the silicone hat on the Peekyboo camera.

Monitor pets in the same way. You can even watch back what your furry friends get up to you when you're not at home with our smart video recording feature. Keep the silicone hat on the camera so your beloved pet has a cute Peekyboo friend with them always!

Find the Peekyboo user guide right here.

Yes. All Peekyboo products come with a 12-month limited warranty. For more information about our warranty terms please click here.

Peekyboo's Baby Camera

The baby camera does not have a built-in battery and must be connected to a power source via the AC power adapter when in use.

Yes, the baby camera can be mounted to a ceiling, wall or in a corner position using the mounting bracket supplied with every Peekyboo baby camera purchase, including the Peekyboo set, bundle and additional camera.

The baby camera can also be mounted directly to a wall or ceiling by securely attaching the mounting screws to a flat surface using the supplied paper measuring guide. The baby camera is mounted onto the screws using the mounting holes located on the underside of the camera.

Peekyboo's baby camera is fitted with an extra wide lens equivalent approximately to an 18mm lens. For the camera aficionados out there, the field of view is exactly D108° H92° V50°. For the less technically inclined, Peekyboo's lens gives a similar field of view as a wide-angle smartphone camera.

The Peekyboo baby monitor has dedicated monitor buttons for complete ease of access to remote pan, tilt and zoom.

Remote pan & tilt works by pressing the directional keys on the baby monitor so you can roam the nursery with ease. The baby camera will silently pan and tilt without causing unnecessary disturbances.

Short press the zoom button on the side of the baby monitor to switch between 1.5X, 2X (lossless quality), 4X zoom and zoom off.

Yes. If you have selected a video recording mode on the baby monitor this mode will remain active on the baby camera even if the monitor is switched off. Our non-WiFi hybrid system means you'll never miss a moment, even if you don't catch it in real time. Pretty cool, huh?

All videos will be stored on the micro SD card in the baby camera.

Peekyboo's baby camera gives amazing 2K quality video recordings, and photos are captured in 720p.

You sure can, as we know how sensitive little ones can be to light at bedtime. To turn off the LED light on the baby camera, go to Menu > Camera Settings > Camera LED and select the camera whose LED light you wish to switch off.

Yes, however, please remove it gently to avoid damaging the silicone. Be careful not to overstretch the silicone as this may result in tearing.

Peekyboo's Baby Monitor

You can connect up to four baby cameras to one Peekyboo baby monitor. This makes Peekyboo a smart one-time investment that can grow with your family or your home.

View up to four baby cameras at one time in various settings to suit your requirements. Use "split screen" to display all connected cameras on the screen at the same time. Multi-camera cycling will cycle through all connected cameras in full screen at set intervals of your choosing from 5-30 seconds, or manually switch between cameras by long pressing the OK button.

Peekyboo has a number of options for displaying multiple baby cameras on the baby monitor screen at the same time; "split screen" displaying all cameras at once, and multi-camera cycling which cycles through all connected cameras in full screen at set intervals of your choosing from 5-30 seconds. VOX works with both of these display modes.

In order to quickly identify which baby camera has detected sound we recommend using multi-camera cycling, as the camera where sound is detected will be the one displayed in full screen when the screen turns on with VOX.

Another option with both display modes that allows you to identify the baby camera where sound is detected is Peekyboo’s Sound Alerts feature. With Sound Alerts set up, sound from any connected baby camera will trigger a notification on the baby monitor, which also displays which baby camera has detected sound. Set the volume and duration of the sound alert to suit your preference.

The battery life ranges between 8 to 12 hours depending on usage. This is majorly influenced by factors such as VOX and other battery-saving features like Audio Only and Sleep modes, screen brightness level, active screen time like video playback, and the number of connected baby cameras.

The battery normally takes under 4 hours to fully charge. Please use the provided AC monitor adapter for optimal results.

We know that sleepy time for babies doesn't always mean the same for parents. That's why when lullabies are active on Peekyboo's baby camera they are not audible on the baby monitor.

Peekyboo's Smart Features

Yes. Use our Voice Activation (VOX) or Sound Alert features to activate sound detection on your Peekyboo baby monitor.

When VOX is on with sleep mode the baby monitor screen will activate automatically when sound is detected from the baby camera. VOX has 5 sensitivity levels so you can set the sound threshold that works for you and your baby. The lower the threshold the lower the sound required to activate the baby monitor screen.

With sound alerts you can choose to receive a notification on the baby monitor when your baby makes a sound. Choose from 5 sound sensitivity settings, as well as setting the duration and volume of the alert on the monitor. The lower the sensitivity the higher the sound level required to activate the alert.

Yes, Peekyboo's baby camera detects movement that works with our Motion Detection Recording feature.

With Motion Detection Recording set to on, a recording of 60 seconds will automatically commence from when the camera detects movement. A red dot will appear on the top left corner of the baby monitor screen when the camera is recording.

These video clips will be stored on the micro SD card and can be played back on the baby monitor.

Peekyboo's playback feature allows you to access and view all videos and photos stored on the micro SD card directly on the baby monitor.

To access stored videos and photos from the menu page, go to Camera Settings > Videos / Photos and select the desired file to playback on the monitor.

Alternatively, remove the micro SD card from the baby camera, insert it into your laptop or tablet and view the files with your usual, go-to media player.

When the micro SD card is full, new photos and videos will overwrite the earliest videos and photos on the micro SD card. If you don't want files to be overwritten with new recordings and photos, please back up your micro SD card before it reaches full capacity.

Check the status of the micro SD card by selecting Menu > Camera Settings > Status of Micro SD card.

For reference, a 128GB micro SD card will give you approximately 224 hours or more than 9 days of video recordings.

Audio Only is a great battery saving feature and allows you to listen to audio from the baby camera without video.

To activate Audio Only go to Menu > Monitor Settings > Audio Only to turn this mode on or off. When sleep mode is activated, the baby monitor will continue to transmit audio without waking the display screen on the monitor. Please note this feature does not work when VOX is on.

Yes, the temperature sensor fitted to Peekyboo's baby camera feeds a temperature reading to the baby monitor so you can gauge the subtle shifts in your baby’s comfort zone.

From the baby monitor set low and high temperature thresholds to be alerted on the monitor when the temperature moves above or below these thresholds.

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